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    Es waren tolle drei Wochen im September, in denen 25 Kolleginnen und Kollegen im Rahmen von „Stadtradeln“ regelmäßig mit dem Rad zur Arbeit gefahren sind! ...

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  • Azubi des Nordens 2021

    Azubi des Nordens 2021

    Am 27.10.2021 wurde im Speicher am Kaufhauskanal in Harburg unter dem Slogan #weitermachen der Ausbildungspreis des AGA „Azubi des Nordens“ verliehen. Die Berufliche Schule Am Lämmermarkt und besonders das Institut für Außenhandel Am Lämmermarkt sind stolz....

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Vocational College

For over fifty years the vocational college „Am Lämmermarkt", also called BS 31, has been one of the oldest and - according to the number of students - one of the largest vocational colleges emphasizing the study of economics in Hamburg.

Within three years, after graduating from secondary school, you can pass your Abitur (A-level). On average there are 350 students at the vocational college. The constant high number of applications shows that it meets the expectations of parents and students. There are usually five classes in every grade and a large variety of subjects are offered - such as Spanish and French as second languages or sciences like biology, chemistry and physics. However, business administration and economics are the subjects that distinguish H2 from other colleges.

New subjects, new teachers and new classmates give students the chance to open new doors.

The vocational college is a good choice, if they want

  • to qualify for university
  • to establish the basis for jobs in trade and commerce
  • to work independently.

Terms of admission:  

An average grade of at least 3.0 in German, maths and English and a total average of at least 3.0 (except physical education).


Special offers

Foreign languages

French as a foreign language is offered in grade 11 for advanced students and also for beginners. Spanish can be chosen as a new foreign language.



Our school offers various kinds of sports courses, e.g.: aerobics/dance, basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, tennis, squash, skiing, gymnastics, athletics, running, rowing, kayaking, sailing.


Drama class

Students can join the drama class, in which they can be creative, strengthen their personality, visit and take part in various plays.


Excursions in grade 13

2010: Malta, France, Spain, Czech Republic
2011: Spain
2012: Malta, Spain, Czech Republic, England


International projects

The European Union advances the international cooperation between students in Europe via COMENIUS  and LEONARDO projects by funding them. The H2 has regularly taken part in these projects since 2000.



SEFES is the abbreviation for "Self-Evaluation for European School". It was a Comenius school development project, which was coordinated by our school. The partner schools were situated in Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Iceland. The common aim was to further the development of the schools by trying out various methods of self evaluation, learning from each other by exchanging experience and implementing a culture of self-evaluation in each individual school.




In the Comenius project MarCoB (Marketing and Consumer Behaviour in a European Comparison) the students developed a marketing concept together with schools from other European countries. The communication with the partner schools from Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Finland was in English. The students visited each other in their countries and worked together. This project was coordinated by “Berufliche Schule Am Lämmermarkt” and won several awards.






(Exploring Innovative and Creative Ways of Teaching Using New Tools and Methods) was a Comenius project in which teachers created and used e-learning materials and the students cooperated in various projects, e.g. students from all partner countries wrote an interactive novel in English which was published on the internet, and they made the film “How we save energy in our schools” comprised of contributions from each country (Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Greece, England, Germany).





This is a Comenius project (Key competences to prepare our students for an Entrepreneurial Mindset) with 7 partner schools in England, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, Italy. Here the students develop a business plan, translate it into English, exchange background information and investigate the chances of the business idea of the partners in their own country.



Cooperation with International Business College Fredericia (Denmark)

Each year a class from grade 11at H2 cooperates with a Danish class from IBC Fredericia. German and Danish students meet in Hamburg and develop ideas concerning economic and social problems than can be compared. In national groups they do research on these topics that are presented and discussed in Denmark. The students are accommodated in families.

Vocational School for Foreign Trade

 - Import and Export Agents -

The students are trained on the job as import and export agents with their companies. Two days a week they attend the vocational school.

The following subjects are taught:

  • Controlling
  • Finance and logistics
  • Acquisition and distribution
  • Commerce and industry
  • Commercial English


Furthermore students chose at least one foreign language:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Chinese


The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the final examination.


Index of import and export companies which offer a training

The following companies (in alphabetical order) have given their consent to be included in this internet index.

Post qualification in English for Migrants

The main focus of this post qualification for migrants is English. This one-year course should enable students:

  • to attend further secondary schools
  • to prepare for vocational schools
  • to improve their communication skills in German.


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